Why a Professional Logo is Important

Updated: May 24, 2020

Consider the products you use and the loyalty you have for specific brands. It is likely that you were first willing to try a product or service because you felt a certain level of comfort based on the presentation of the company. It is also likely that the brands and businesses you support, associate with and share with others present themselves in a professional manner.

Having a professional logo is essential for multiple reasons, 5 of which we will share below.

1. You have about 3 seconds to make an impression

Logos are utilized as identifiers for brands and businesses because the immediately communicate a message. Just like your attire communicates something about you when meeting someone for the first time, a logo helps to make a first impression for potential consumers. If your logo is designed by a professional, they will take into consideration the things your logo will indicate by utilizing color, imagery, font style and scale to develop an accurate representation. When you meet someone for the first time and they are wearing a shirt that is either way too small or too big, it leaves an impression. Your logo can do the same for your business.

2. You want to be represented accurately

Your business is important to you and so is the quality of your product or service. If you spend all your time focusing on the quality of what you offer but do not consider how you are represented it will be difficult for consumers to buy in. We are more likely to purchase a snack in pretty or well designed packaging as opposed to something that is just wrapped in messy, ugly paper. In order for customers to understand what is inside your business, they first have to want to walk through the door.

3. You want to be taken seriously

New businesses come and go every single day. The more you invest in a professional image, the easier it will be for others to believe that you are in it for the long haul. Business owners with no plan and no understanding of how to create a long lasting business will not invest in their image. Consumers want products and services that are here to stay.

4. You need multiple formats

Logos are used everywhere! On packaging, websites, social media, business cards, letterhead, promotional items and more. In order for the scale of your logo to remain consistent, it will need to be designed in a vector format and then converted to different file types based on usage. Professional designers know exactly how this is done.

5. You can communicate quickly

Logos are wonderful tools for helping others identify who you are, what you sell or produce, and where to find it. They are also handy for creating an image and mood that matches your business. If you are a sophisticated and classy wine shop, you'll likely want colors that communicate those aspects of your business. A logo for a zoo would be vastly different in the story it tells via imagery, color and font style. Your logo also sets the tone for the rest of your branding and allows you to develop a consistent and cohesive style.

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